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5 Home Updates Before You List Your Property

When you decide to make the leap to sell your home, there are a few things you can do before you list the property to get the highest offer for you home. This article explains 5 updates you can do to your home with very minimal cost. This will not require any major renovations just a small checklist to get your house ready to sell. The goal is to sell your home for top dollar and sell fast.

1. Outside Curb Appeal

Take a walk around your property and clean up any debris you may see that a potential buyer may not want to see when viewing the property. Take a weekend to remove all weeds, leaves and trim your lawn to give your property a nice appearance. Rent a power washer to clean the exterior of your home so it looks as good as new to the potential buyer. Power washing can go a long way to make your property look years newer.

2. Small Repair Work

Walk your home and look at every room to see if any items need small repairs or paint touch ups. Any small repair work will help make your property look its best. If you see any chips or cracks in the paint, marks on the walls or dirt on the cabinets do your best to update each room. You can decide how much or how little each room requires in repair work. If an item is too large to fix, you can mention to the home buyer that you are aware of the issue.

3. Organize Your Home

A potential buyer will walk your home and may open every door or drawer in your home. So when it is time to sell your home you want to remove all the clutter in your home and organize each room to maximize space. This is a good time to donate any extra items you may not use after you move out of your home.

4. Remove Personal Items

When a potential buyer visits your home you want to present the home as if the new buyer is going to live in the home. This means that you should remove any personal pictures or items that have sentimental value to you but not to a potential buyer. Any personal items, family photos, unique art pieces or anything that takes up too much space in the room. You want to maximize space in each room so the rooms appear larger in size to the potential buyer.

5. Clean Entire Home

One of the most important things to do to your home is clean each and every room to bring it back to life like it is the first time viewing the room. There are many cleaning products you can purchase to clean stains on cabinets, walls, floors, furniture, and rugs. The main rooms of your home will be the kitchen and bathrooms. Concentrate on these rooms the most as they will be the most important to the buyer.


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